Brunch Bites: Singl End

I’ve been on some what of a personal crusade recently. I say recently, really more of an ongoing saga, one that I’m not entirely sure has an end. In short I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect brunch spot. Seems pretty simple right? In Glasgow you’re spoiled for choice if you’re out West or even in the Southside, however I’ve found the city centre an altogether trickier beast. There’s the obvious haunts like Trans-Europe and Riverhill but that’s well trodden ground by now. All I can say is thank god for Singl End.

kitchen-come-bakehouse comes to you from the owners of The Butterfly and Pig and has the same kitchy homely feel. With fresh bread cooling on the worktops and a spread of salads, quiches and cakes at the entrance, everything about Singl End is designed to make you feel at home.  The cafe is decorated with photos, postcards and letters. It feels like taking a tour of someones family album without feeling awkward or intrusive.

Since re-opening last year Singl-End has fast become a foodie favourite.
With fresh, wholesome ingredients, the basement restaurant 
caters to every diet without any compromise on flavour.  Vegans, vegetarians and the gluten intolerant are well catered for here with a wide variety of options available and clearly marked. Their impressive bread menu featured everything from dense nut loafs with olives to the more familiar sour doughs and “hovis” browns.  The Eggs Benedict looked gorgeous with it’s cashew hollandaise but the winner for me was the puy lentil salad. Served with cherries and Gorgonzola it’s the perfect balance of tart and salty.  Finished with poached quails eggs it’s ideal for those looking for a light lunch.

Even if you don’t want a full meal the cake selection alone is worth visiting for.  Rich, gooey brownies are piled high next to bread and butter panettone pudding, peanut butter cookies and rose and pistachio cakes.  Looking for something a bit more wholesome? The smoothie selection will convert anyone to Singl End. I would happily only drink their coconut and raspberry smoothie every day for the rest of my days.

Based on Renfrew Street near the Art School, Singl End is a bit further away than my usual haunts. Worth the trip though? Definitely.  


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