Winter Layering: A Refresher In Dressing For Cold Weather

I’ve almost become a parody of myself. That person that’s always cold? That’s me. Slips, tights, blankets and heaters are on a near constant rotation and my daily dressing is but a couple of steps from going full on Joey.  It’s taken a while to learn the fine art of layering (or, for the realists out there, how to dress without looking like a potato or freezing your tits off) but I think I’ve finally got it down, and it turns out it there was more to it than “lots of light layers.” It’s hardly reinventing the wheel, but unless you’re one of those fashion unicorns that can go through Winter without feeling the cold, it’s always good to reaquaint yourself with some tried and tested tips.

Jacket – Charity Shop
Hood – Chouchou
Roll Neck – M&S
Dress – Cos
Shoes – Doc Martens

It’s all material boo

The first thing I do when I go to buy something now is check what it’s made of. I’m slowly completing my metamorphasis in to my Grandmother, but of all the traits I could have picked up, this one has had the most practical uses. Cashmeres, lambswool, cottons – I now look for things that last, laeyr well and are going to keep me toast warm. Good quality pieces don’t have to break the bank. My long green jacket here is wool and was £5 from a charity shop. It’s a little bit big but I like it for the cacoon effect it gives, and it gives extra room for lots of cosy sweaters to go underneath.  Shop with your hands, not with your eyesand pick up some quality pieces that will keep you toast but also work their way in to your wardrobe rotation for next 10 winters.

Light layering

A no-brainer really. “If you’re cold put a sweater on.”  While it can be easy to default in to jumper and jeans the beginning it starts to get a bit frosty, you can get round this with a little bit of layering. Long polos under summer dresses, slips under skirts, t-shirts over longer tops. Make your Summer wardrobe work for you year round. Winter dressing doesn’t have to be shapeless, it’s just building from the ground up.

Solid Foundations

Only the worst masochists go sans tights when the temperture plummets, and while fashion has a bit of a backlash to the 80d, I truly think some classics don’t go out of style, no matter the current trend pieces say. A good pair of tights are part of any woman’s arsenal and perfect for keeping you toasty. Good underwear, thermal or otherwise is worth rolling out on those nippier days and never, ever, ever underestimate the power of a good slip. They might be thin and even seen as old fashioned but that extra layer can be a life-saver (and help your dress sit better.)

It really is going back to basics, but after living in a perpetual Autumn for 6-9 months, I sometimes forget exactly how cold that it can get. Fuck the fashion apathy and have fun with your Winter dressing this season. 


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