Winter Style Staples

It’s official, tight and boot season is upon us. Layering has swiftly went from optional to mandatory and with more wet days than dry ones at the moment, there’s never been a greater need for a sensible shoe. Guess it’s time to put away the open toes fluffies unless I’m going from car to bar right? Thankfully over the years I’ve built a pretty sweet collection of Winter ready shoes that makes the transition all the less painful.  It’s goodbye cons, and hello Doc Martens.

Doc Martens are one of those staple items everyone should have in there wardrobe. A good parka, the perfect blue jeans and a good pair of docs and you’ve got the makings of an easy fuss free fashion uniform.  While over the years they’ve experimented with colours and some killer collaborations (the Marcelline Adventure Time boot fast sold out in the Glasgow store), there real strength is their classics. For A/W they are back to a palette that have shown to stand the test of time. From fully matte white 1461s to blood red chelsea boots, there is enough here to keep even the most discencerning shoe fans interest piqued. Not in the market for a new pair of shoes? The backpacks with their multi strap options are back ranging from classic cherry red to black to brown. Like everything from Doc MArtens, they are built to last a lifetime, and only get better with wear.

Cashmere jumper & shirt – vintage
Glasses – Iolla
Cord Kilt – Boden
Chelsea Boot – Doc Martens

I basically lived in my silver Made In England 1461’s a few years ago (to the point it’s time to get them resoled) and my classic black 1461’s are a style classic that never go out of style. While the temptation to get (another) black pair of boots (the velvet ones were singing a particularly strong siren song) I eventually thought the Flora Chelsea Boot was a winning choice. They do come up a bit big size wise, so they do need an insole, but the tarnished ox red means they pretty much go with everything.  They add a much needed touch of warmth to my mostly monochrome wardrobe and are going to basically going to stop myself from giving myself trench foot this Winter. Paired with a cord kilt from Boden, I’m basically going for grown up punk for my A/W wardrobe (and let’s face it, every season in my wardrobe if we’re going to be totally honest.)

What are your Winter style staples?


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