She is D.I.S.C.O

A collection inspired by 70’s gender fluid rock stars was always going to all kinds of dreamy. Dirty Disco’s latest collection “Heroes” is an homage to Bowie and Jagger, mixing a good bit of art house rock with a generous helping of disco. Designer Hailea Crichton has carved out a name for herself on the indie design scene with her reworked denim and leather label. She’s taken the leap from sassy feminist dinosaurs to cosmic rainbow panthers. Giant sparkles and traditional tattoo design are the key stone features of “Heroes” making for a bold, empowering and flamboyant collection.

“Heroes” is the perfect blend between masculine and feminine, mixing hard vintage leathers with soft floral patterns. Traditionally male textures are embelished with over-sized sequins and rainbow brights. From mom jeans, leather jacket to denim jackets, “Heroes” is all about personality pieces that can seamlessly be added to any wardrobe. They can be worn all layered together, or as a flash to dress up any outfit.  With jeans starting at £115, and leather jackets working their way up to £250, it’s a small price to pay for british made custom design. They are the ultimate in party pieces and sure to find themselves on many a Christmas wishlist (yeah guys, I dropped the C word.) Overall, I’ve got a crazy girl crush on Dirty Disco and I basically need everything in my wardrobe, because, let’s face it, who doesn’t want crying stars on their elbows?


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