Intergalactic Girl Gang for Cruelty Free Colour Bar

BLOW near enough broke the internet last year with their “How to Hide Your Glitter Roots” campaign. While the big guns are playing catch up and teaching you how to create BLOW’s iconic glitter hair at home, the Glasgow salon is focusing on bringing their cruelty-free colour bar to the masses.  But how do you showcase the best of bunny friendly fashion brights and in-house blends? A girl gang photo shoot obviously.

Using Manic Panic hair dye, BLOW created some killer hair from Fruit Salad to raspberry ombres to showcase their new cruelty-free fashion colour options.  Rainbow braids, seafoams and banana yellows were contrasted with double buns, high ponies and poker straight bobs. Basically it was a magical girl dream.

While not my first choice for spending a hungover Sunday, heading the styling for a colour infused girl gang shoot isn’t a bad second or third choice. Working with some of BLOW’s customers (who also happen to include some of my fave humans/bloggers, designers and artists) we spent a Sunday working through sequins to bring the sparkle shoot to life. Featuring looks from Isolated Heroes, Thrifty Little and the now defunct (sob) Obscure Couture, BLOW’s glitter girl gang show was an amped up rainbow dream.

Pulling together something like this is all the easier when you have a super talented team on hand. Sophie Crompton created coloured liner looks (Betty’s banana yellow was a particular favourite) while we had the incredible Betty Riddle of Tub of Jelly behind the lens. BLOW did what they did best and created big hair, and my Betty was on hand for bouncing ideas, feeding me Lucozade and modelling.  Any Betty & Bee shoot is always super fun but this has got to me one of my favourites. And no, it’s not just because of all the sequins.

BLOW’s promise to create more cruelty-free looks is right up my alley. By using manic panic they are making vegan hair care easier than ever to access, as well as selling it in-salon to keep those new locks topped up between visits.  They are mixing some of their fave shades to create some new killer looks meaning when it comes to colour, your only limit is your imagination. BLOW continue to show they are truly out of this world.

Photos: Tub of Jelly
MUA: Sophie Crompton
Hair: BLOW using Manic Panic
Models: Betty//Amanda//Nia//Chess//Kelly//Lyndsay//Caitlyn
Styling: Betty & Bee


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