Bride x Tested: On the importance of wedding scents

Nothing’s quite as memorable as a smell. Scents have the power to instantly transport us serving as bench markers for moments in time. For that reason alone investing in a perfume for your wedding day is worth the entry price alone. The best place to start when figuring out what you want is looking at your dressing room table and seeing what perfumes you’re attracted to. I’ve rounded up some of my favourite long lasting perfumes ranging from bright florals to smoky gourmands, just what you need when looking for that finishing touch.

L-R: Molecule 01, Liz Earle No 20, Tom Ford Tabacco Vanille

I tend to find myself attracted to spicy scents – tabaccos, woods and peppers. I’ve tried to include a little mix that covers my main perfume hats, but you’ll find there are notes that I return to time and time again.

Molecule 01 – A bit of a cult fragrance, Molecule 01 is a unisex scent that smells slightly different on everyone.  It’s most easily described as a woody floral musk. For me, I get amber, sandlewood and a little bit of pepper.  It’s not overpowering and instantly recognisable (I find fellow Molecule fans everywhere from Tesco to the subway) and has all the makings of a signature fragrance. It’s entry point is £27 making it the most affordable perfume here. While I personally wanted to upgrade to something for my wedding day, if you’re looking for an uber cool musk this one is for you.

Liz Earle No 20 – Easily the most traditional perfume here, Liz Earle 20 is truly the most romantic perfume ever. It’s like walking in to a florist and being hit with a fresh wall of flowers.  A very bright damask rose as the main scent here which is offset with notes of jasmine, vanilla, bergamont and sandalwood.  This has a pleasent spicy dry down, making for a more complex and mature fragrance that changes with you throughout the day.  Works beautifully as a layering scent, if you’re looking for something floral with a bit more depth, this is a particular favourite.

Tom Ford Tabacco Vanille – Instantly recognisable, Tom Ford’s Tabacco Vanille constantly finds itself in top 10 lists. It’s been a favourite of mine, and this year I finally bit the bullet and dropped the £150 (sorry mum) on a bottle of Ford’s pefume. I tend to find gourmand perfumes a bit too sweet but Tabacco Vanille manages to juggle the sweetness with the wood, smoke and tabacco perfectly. The vanilla never feels overwhelming, and it has a very rich, full feel to it.

While (good) perfume sits on all skin differently, the only real way to
find out something works on you is to give it a good spritz. Have a look around your favourite department stores, have a spray and find what works for you. Perfume is such a personal thing and it can take a while to find something that feels right. I now only wear TV on special occasions with my husband. I plan on wearing it on our anniversery next year, but for me, it’s keeping that little bit of romance with me at all times.

Are you having a wedding perfume?


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