Triumph: Cause Shapewear Can be Sexy

As a self proffesed lingerie addict, underwear remains one of the biggest outgoings when shopping. At the end of the day, you can’t build a house on sand, and there is no better foundation for an outfit than really killer underwear. Triumph are one of the oldest lingerie brands in the world (and still completely self owned) create everything from beautiful intricate lingerie to super comfortable bras for bigger busts. What really has got me going though? Their shapewear.

When you think of shapewear you tend to think of giant body socks for smoothing out silhouettes but more often than not, they aren’t symnous with sexiness. Triumph have fixed that with a range of shapewear underwear that you’ll be wanting to show off.  From high waisted panties with velvet detailling to baroque sheer bodies, it’s shapewear with a difference.  With the security of shapewear, Triumph have made sure you can still feel sexy in your best sooky in panties. The beauty of it is, is that it doesn’t look like your typical shapewear. Good underwear makes you walk a little bit straighter and can help boost your confidence. I’m a great advocate for dressing for yourself, and underwear is no different. The boy couldn’t tell the difference between L’argent and Soiree so underwear for me has always been about dressing up, feeling playful and having fun. Life’s too short for boring underwear, so the fact Triumph have dressed up some of my wardrobe essentials and given them a romantic make over that makes shapewear sexy.  Those high waisted pants have shot straight to the top of my wish list, adding a touch of vintage glamour for the Winter season.


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