5 Beauty Products that are worth the hype

When everyone unaminously goes crazy for a product my first reaction is to call bullshit. They say that many people can’t be wrong, but hell, “People like Coldplay and and voted for Hitler. You can’t trust people.”  Except, when you can.

I tend to wait till the hype calms down before I try a product, but even if it’s acheived a comfortable cult like status,  getting me to buy in to something so universally beloved it like trying to draw blood from a stone. In short, it better be good. Hell, better than good. If you hype something up that much it better be nothing short of miraculous. And you know what? Some of these products are.  And so here it is, my Top 5 Beauty Products that are actually worth the hype.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Cleanser

Of all the products on the list, this is the one that I was the most reluctant to try. I mean how really good could it be? When someone raves about a new skincare regime I put it down to them actually adopting a proper skin regime. My friends used it, my friend’s mums used it, my make-up artist told me to use it, so what took me so long? I don’t actually have bad skin. It was heralded as this amazing cleanser that worked for sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin, but I just felt I didn’t need it. But the thing is, why have good skin when you can have really great skin? I’m sure I’m preaching to the converted here but my skin feels brighter, smoother and all round healthier. The cult like fevour round this finally makes sense and if you can only spend money on one part of your skincare, spend it here.

Illamasqua Precision Brow Gel

I never had been one for gels, however one product kept coming up time and time again when I asked people what they used on their brows. Illamasqua Precision Brow Gel has become one of my all time favourite beauty products and never leaves my handbag. It helps create a polished yet natural finish and is  the go to product of basically everyone I know who has great brows (with the exception of those with them tattooed.)  I use it every day and it’s lasted forever. £18.50 may seem steep for a small pot of gel, yet it’s done me far better than any powder or pencil ever has.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

There really isn’t enough praise for Eight Hour Cream. It’s heralded as a must have for any handbag and yet, this still doesn’t feel like it’s enough. Eight Hour Cream is my secret weapon and my dessert island beauty product. I recently was down with the flu and this stopped me from turning in to a full brown snake woman. It helped with cracked painful skin on my nose and my lips, while doubling as an intensive moisturiser when my skin started to dry up from the change in temperture. I use it to tidy my brows, to create a glossy eye or as an adhesive for padding on glitter.  Never leave home without it.

Kiko Eyeshadow

A real favourite among beauty nuts, Kiko has been getting more traction over the last few years but for me it’s the eyeshadows that really stand out. The high pigmented eyeshadows apply evenly and seemlesly leaving a really great block colour that’s very true to what’s in the pan. While they claim to be hold tested up to 12 hours, I find that I’ve got quite greasy lids and it fades, though remains even opposed to patchy like other shadows. She blends a dream and at £2.80 you can build up a really extensive personal palette relatively cheap. I love this burnt red for a nice everyday colour when I want to feel a little bit “Sympathy for Lady Vengance.” It reminds me a little of the rust in the Lime Crime Venus Palette with slightly cooler undertones and what I find, personally, a much smoother application.

Smashbox Step By Step Contour Kit

I know, I know guys, we’re moving away from contouring and in to strobing, but trust me, if you want to give your face a bit more sharpness, the Smashbox Step by Step Contour Kit is for you. Designed for beginners, this is near enough fool proof. Coming with an angled contouring brush and three shades for shadow, blending and highlighting, this kit takes you through the basics of contouring and what works for your face. You’re not going to come out looking like Kim K or something straight from a YouTube tutorial but this is great for a more polished evening look. I love using this if I want to make myself all fancy and find that it blends a dream. You can of course use the different powders as bronzers and highlighters, making this a lovely little multi-purpose purchase.

It can get so easy to get caught up in new product launches. I love make up and trying new things but I always want to do so with a clear head. These guys have stood the test of time for me. What hyped beauty products make your cut?


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