On counter-intuitive dressing

Big boxy shapes are the last thing I should wear, at least if you go by “how to dress for your body shape” guides.  I’m a size 10 and uber busty, so the last thing I should do is wear loose fitting clothes less I look matronly. Seems like I didn’t get the memo because loose, boxy pieces are my utter favourite. Wearing loose boxy items together? Even better.  At this point I’ve all but got the “how to dress” guide and set alight to it. In short, telling women how to dress for their body is bullshit, but you already knew that didn’t you?

Top & Shoes – Boden
Dress – M&S
Bag – TK Maxx

The way I dress is completely counter-intuitive to my shape. I like things oversized and boxy. I’m much comfier in a roll neck and ankle grazers than I am in anything fitted and that suits me just fine but if I were to let some magazine article tell me how to dress, I wouldn’t even bother having looked at some of my favourite items in my wardobe. As it’s Autumn I’m all but living in big jumpers, all the better if they have a roll neck. It’s not quite got to the time for me to double jacket it yet, but I’m biding my time so I can well and truly bulk up with all the layers. Style has always been more about how you wear it and confidence rather than some arbitary rules. After all, they were made to be broken right?


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