LFW: Lettermans and Court Shoes

Day 2 and everything I thought I knew about dressing for London Fashion Week went straight out the window. I’ve been one for bringing layers and living in flats, and for the past few seasons, it’s done me in good stead, so naturally the weather was 20 degrees and my dreams of roll necks and high tops went straight out the window. And you know what came in? Heels. Sure, like that hasn’t ended badly before. Oh and before you ask? Yeah the t-shirt is a Taylor Swift x Sonic Youth mash up.

Letterman Jacket – Beyond Retro
T-shirt – Hiscissorsaurus
Jeans – M&S
Shoes – Boden

Turns out that a good heel can get you through fashion week without destroying your feet. Although it was these courts first run (I know, a rookie mistake) they lasted all day going through the showrooms. 8 hours and not hobbling around Soho? Not bad.

The showrooms are always my favourite part of LFW. I love getting the chance to see the clothes, touch them (see with my hands not with my eyes) and chat to the designers. Believe me, Holly Fulton, Fyodor Golan and Jamie Wei Haung’s collections are all the more breathtaking when you’re getting up close and personal with them.  It’s always where I find most new designers and I much more prefer going around a showroom than rushing from venue to venue for shows. I defintiley came away with a few brands that I’ll be keeping my eyes open for in future.


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