LFW: Holly Fulton SS16

We’re heading under the sea for Spring/Summer 16.  Holly Fulton made quite a splash with her seaside collection inspired by the art of Eileen Agar. Straight off the bat, it gives off a 70s bejwelled cowgirl vibe, though on further inspection, her beach theme and it’s stylings can be found throughout. From the repeated starfish motif to the emebelished wave detailing on the collars, Scottish born Fulton’s collection fast became a firm favourite for me.

Skirts and skirts with ruffled detailing were contrasted by super high waisted wide legged embroidered trousers. As always, the prints took centre stage both on the skirts, jeans and dresses.  The ocean blue that provides a backdrop to much of the collection is accented by bursts of citusts. Biting oranges and limes are a perfect contrast to the candy pinks and softer blues throughout.

While Fulton once more has teamed with Christian Louboutin for her Bella Tige wedges, the lunchbox bags were the real highlight.   She’s teamed with Macedonian label, Petek 1885 for a series of bright coloured lunchbox bags with applique leather detailing with the orange purple starfish being a stand out. Holly Fulton continues to create playful, bright designs without being gimmicky and making her, as always, a personal highlight for LFW.


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