LFW: Clio Peppiatt SS16

With a mission statement of making clothes that make women feel happy, bold and fearless, 24 year old Clio Peppiat’s deigns are at their very core fun. Her latest collection “Kiss The Future” is a send up of the lack of strong female role models in computer games, which she’s resolved by designing her own. Sassy, strong and confident – her sci-fi inspired collection is retro futurisim meets Barbie for the ultimate millenial mash up.



Pepiatt’s cherry picked from the very best of cult sci-fi, with shades of The Fifth Element and Mars Attacks present couples with 90s memorobelia that would have Lisa Frank swooning away.  The mash up of past and future can be found in everything from her 60’s silhouettes to leather applique detailing (a cat toying with a computer mouse is a personal favourite.)  Embroidered patchwork and more is more are fast becoming Peppiatt’s signatures, from PVC dresses to lilac pinafores. The wearable tech was also a draw with a collection of furry bags with built in chargers, designed for the girl on the go. The patches are stand out pieces and would make excellent entry point pieces, the LOVE spaceship being a real stand out.  Peppiatt’s “Kiss The Future” is a mash up of sci-fi, feminisim and style making for a playful and truly unique collection from the young designer.

Photos: Amelia Karlsen


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