Do any models look like they are having as much fun as those walking for Ashish? If there are, I’m yet to find them.  Dancing, skateboarding and, as always, heavy use of sequins, were the main takeaways from this seasons show that borrowed heavily from 90s skate culture.

Everything about Ashish is effortlessly super-cool. Grunge with sparkles doesn’t seem like the most obvious of mixes but here it works. White floaty joggers with light detailing, sheer cropped glittering applique tops are contrasted by bleached out denims and illustrated slips that manage to be both wry and playful in the same breath. Ashish is fun, but this show managed to do this while mixing in some subversive gender politics with 90s counter culture.

What Ashish has truly done though is sparked new beauty trends just in time for the party season. Autumnul plums and glossy lids are out, prepare to see many pay homage to the heavily sequinned roots and matching eyeliner. His refusal to play it safe, both with designs and runways make the Ashish shows among the most invigorating and inspiring of LFW.  All hail our glitter king.


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