Doubled Checks and Yellow Specs

Not that I like to fall into classic stereotypes or anything, but god damn, I fucking love Autumn. Call it being a product of my environment or my penchant to horde jackets like Winter is coming (in Scotland it nearly always is) but it’s without a doubt one of my favourite seasons. At least for dressing. It’s that sweet spot where you can layer up without being the warmest person alive OR a human marshmallow.  It’s that time of year where I can wear wool AND have bare legs. It’s the small pleasures really.

Jacket – Vintage Kilo Sale
Skirt – Charity Shop
Top – JD Sports
Shoes – Primark
Hat – Aymee Charlton
Glasses – Iolla

I have a pretty steady supply of vintage that I have prepared for the season. From checked skirts, oversized coats and bombers – I have seasonal dressing down. I’m not really in o straight decade dressing or wearing one trend at once so I like to cherry pick some new bits to update my wardrobe without buying all of the things. I’m pretty casual 80% of the time, so sporty, slouchy, oversized pieces and flats work for me. I like to be able to move around a lot so cropped tees that I can layer up or down and feature pieces like yellow acetate glasses are exactly the kind of things I need for on the move and that can take me from the last of those Summery nights into those slightly more biting months. For now though, I’m biding my time till I can crack out the good old 80D.


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