Nouveau Prep and Keeping up with the Classics

The girl can’t help it. For all my goth girl leanings I can’t help but be utterly enchanted by nouveau riche Americana. I’m talking full blown prep school, Ivy league, WASPY goodness. Alongside books on goths, new-romantics and harajuku girls I’ve got “Get Ivy” and “A Privileged Life: Celebrating WASP Style.” While I was smearing thick greasy eyeliner on in abundance, I was dreaming of a school with proper uniforms. I wanted the long tartan skirts, the blazers with the latin motto and the roll down socks. I had (and still to an extent) this romantic notion of prep style. While culturally problematic (the whole WASP acronym gives me the heeby jeebies) there’s no escaping the timelessness of a good button down shirt.

I may never quite fully embrace a wholesome, clean cut, all-american style (a thick Scottish brogue and dyed hair will do that) but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t play dress up. So obviously I went to the home of flawless prep style, GANT. Time for a dressing room montage. Cue the music.

All GANT except
Denim Skirt and Glitter Slip ons – Boden
Necklace – John & Pearl
Glasses – Iolla

Betty & I were invited to the Edinburgh style to live out all our preppy girl dreams. The store is gorgeous and has the feel of an American University. It’s all very classic. I can’t say enough good things about the fit of their jeans or indeed my suprise hero piece – bomber jacket. Everything is super high quality and has a wonderful weight to it. The real highlight though has got to be the Gant Shirts. They’ve been the cornerstone of the brand and for good reason. The fit is impeccable. My tried and tested method? No boob gap. Seriously, this is like the holy grail of shirts for me. What a treat. I felt so neat and pristine – so naturally I had to unbutton it and tie it in a knot. Sorry Gran, will take more than an afternoon playing dress up to refine my rougher edges.


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