Flowers and Stripes and Wardrobe Musings

My favourite kind of clothing are the ones that more often than naught can be mistaken for pajamas. From oversized t-shirts, baby doll slips to vintage nightgowns that wouldn’t look out of place in a flake advert, if it looks like something I can wear to bed, you can bed I’ll wear it out the house. It’s what made me fall in love and buy these printed trousers from Zara. They seemed like the perfect lounge wear and were perfect for floating in to the office when I wanted a day of zero-effort-effort (try wrap your head around that.)

Top & Shoes – Primark
Trousers – Zara
Bag – Baia
Neckace – Boden

Now I’m not saying I’ll be taking my tiger onsie out on the streets any time soon but I have some gorgeous vintage nightgowns that are just aching to come out of retirement. There’s a particular mint green dior one that hasn’t been out since fashion week a few seasons ago and with a big old belt and some red lipstick makes me feel insta-glam without having to do very much at all. Putting restrictions on when and where we wear clothes is boring anyway. Tutus to the supermarket, negligee to brunch, me, I’m game for everything.


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