Falling in and out of love and Urban Exploring

With my round specs, tight beanie and camel mohair coat, I was close to calling house on hispter bingo. After accidentally dressing like I was about to gut some fish (the weather certainly was fitting for it) it was off to a press day where I could totally feign this whole “I woke up like dis” cool. It was the quip of “You look like an urban explorer” that made me realise, crap, my shell’s cracked.  I have become a facsimile of all I  have ever mocked. Woe and betide etc etc etc.

Jokes. I was flattered. I’ve long wanted to master that whole no-effort chic thing which I see all those young, hip urbanites work, but never quite reaching the bar. Look, I’m kind of a hot mess. Most of the time I can’t see my bedroom floor, my memory is like a sieve (if it’s not written down I will forget it) and I can’t remember the last time I cooked a hot meal. Any illusion I give of being a put together adult person is most welcome.

Coat – Boden
Jeans – Boden
Shoes – Boden
Bag – Boden
Top – Topshop
Necklace – Claire Barclay Draws
Glasses Iolla
Hat – Aymee Charlton

And for me, that means looking like someone who is off on adventures. While one could argue the merit of sparkly shoes for day trips, I’m all about a life with a little bit more glitter.  I’d been in a pretty deep style rut recently which led to a weird spiral of generally wanting to burn my wardrobe to the ground and start again.  Which, by the way, I obviously didn’t. I feel like I’m writing an advice column on spicing up your sex life here but…”sometimes it’s the simplest changes that can help reinvigorate a relationship.” For me, that’s new accesorise. It makes my wardrobe feel shiny and new once more and keeps things fresh.  So don’t worry about all big statement pieces as way to shake things up – a little bit of effort and some slight tweaks are all you need to fall in love (with your wardrobe) again.

That got weird, real fast. Now where did I put those midi rings?


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