Bride x Tested: On the day Support

Being a busty bride has it’s trials and tribulations. It’s pretty much like the entire wedding industry is against you from the out. Low backs, strapless, halters – anything in this above an E cup is already hard enough to find on the high street. Throw it in with bridal wear and you’ve got got a whole new set of hurdles to jump over.  Luckily, you can have both functional and beautiful lingerie that will carry you through whatever your wedding day can throw at you. From dainty little slips of lace for the boudoir to a modern day girdle, ladies, I got you covered.

The “slip in to something more….comfortable.”

Everyone needs some wedding night lingerie and if there was ever a time to splurge on underwear it’s now. It’s easy to have these glamorous wedding night lingerie aspirations, but practicality wise, this is more likely to see your honey moon. It’s the kind of underwear designed specifically for the bedroom. The straps aren’t adjustable and it’s hardly the most supportive, but damn, if it isn’t pretty.  Pretty bras always make me super happy, even when I’m not wearing them, just knowing I own them makes me feel good.  You don’t have to break the bank either. I got the Agent Provoceteur Maddy set for a steal by playing it fast and loose in sale time. I picked up my set for under £60 which was way under my budget. Not bad right? Pair with a peignoir for the ultimate in glamour lounging.

The party piece:

As an F cup, the idea of any deep plunge seemed like a distant dream. I’m a dancer on a night out. I’m not someone that exactly can forgo a bra for a night out, let alone a trip to the shop. Wondebra are known for making the single best strapless bra I have ever worn in my life, so it only makes sense that they would bee behind the super low plunge for larger cups. There is a considerable amount of support in the side so while you might be on the move, you’re boobs sure won’t be.
Available at House of Fraser

The body suit:

This is a bit more realistic to what most brides will wear on the day. Well, at least  for me it is. I need a low back with a halter top and support, and thankfully, Ultimo were the answer. It needs a little bit of adjusting on the straps but otherwise is comfortable and keeps everything where it is supposed to be. It is the ultimate smoke and mirrors wedding kit. 
Available at Debenhams

This is really only scratching the surface of bridal lingerie but for me covers the main trouble shooting points if you’re E cup or above. If there’s one thing you shouldn’t be worrying about on your wedding day, it’s if you’re feeling supported, so invest in some good foundation pieces and you’ll be covered until the small hours.


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