Cause I’m all about them braids

I am all about them braids guys like you wouldn’t believe. I love how they can edge up, funk up and dress up any look. I was unfortunately born with sausages for fingers so creating anything other than a “messy bun” (even that was a stretch) is out with my particular skill set. So obviously when BLOW launched their Braid Bar I was all up in it. Yes I am too lazy to do my own  hair (it’s a real problem) but the braid bar menu is also RIFE with puns. Braid puns guys. It feels like the universe has been reading my memos after all.

“The Real Slim Braidy.” “Braid in Glasgow.” “Milk Braid.” “50 shades of Braid.” The list just goes on and on. There isn’t a single one I do not want in my hair. They vary wildly from soft and feminine to club ready to full on festival boho chic. The best part? You can gussy up your braids for as little as £5 with glitter, hoops and chains. The 90s aren’t going anywhere guys. So channel your inner Stefani and head down to BLOW, it’s time for to get braided.


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