Bride x Tested: Kiss Proof Lipstick

There isn’t such thing as kiss proof lipstick. At least, not if you’re doing it right. That said, a long lasting smear proof lipstick that won’t end all up over your OH isn’t impossible either. When the time for top ups are few and far between and you’re going to be getting photographed more than any other day in your life, a good lipstick (and a killer smile) are a gal’s best friends.

Make up Monster Cosmetics Matte Lipstick (maroon masquerade worn here)

Make up Monster lipsticks have fast become my must have beauty products. An amazing alternative to Lime Crime Velvetines, Make up Monster Cosmetics lipsticks come in such a diverse range of colours so if you’re looking for a true blue red or a vibrant forest green that will last all day, they have you covered. The application is even and easy with no bleeding and the colour lasts for ages. Bonus points for being vegan. The only real niggle with this little beauty is customs charge, so make sure to bulk buy when ordering. It is worth every penny you will spend. 

MUA Luxe Lip Velvets (funk worn here)

Who hasn’t tried and fallen in love with this high street classic? £3 a pop gets you a gorgeous little matte lipstain. The formula from colour to colour can be varied, though I find the pinks particularly good. They are quite dry but with a little scrub underneath and some balm they are a great budget buy to get you through the day.  I would personally avoid the paler tones (they can make you look a touch like a burn victim) but the bold, bright ones work wonderfully.

Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick (fireball matte worn here)

Smashbox may be known for their primers but they do a pretty good lipstick too. The Smashbox lipsticks are OH tried and tested. After years of bemoaning my smeared lipstick, this was the first of many that simply did not budge. Or at the very least, didn’t end up all over his face. The colour is nice and even and lasts wonderfully, though I would suggest a lip liner to keep this one tidy.

These have become my 3 fail proof lipsticks when I need something a little more hardwearing. Like anything that is long wear, do bear in mind they can be drying so a bit of exfoliation beforehand is a dream. If you need something for some long wear on your big day, you would be hard pushed to find anything better than these guys.


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