A taste of Caledonian Chic

If you’re going to blow the budget on a spa day, you can do far worse than the Guerlain Spa at Waldorf Astoria. From beginning to end everything is pure luxury in a quiet, intimate setting. Nothing short of what you would expect from the Waldorf and the only Guerlain Spa in the UK.  Their signature treatment, The Caledonian Chic, is a deep tissue massage specially designed for the spa.

The Caledonian Chic is designed to take you on a journey throughout Scotland. From twists and pinches to gentle saltire strokes, The Caledonian Chic is the epitome of Scottish luxury. Every treatment is different and designed to your bespoke scent journey dependent on whether you want to feel invigorated or relaxed. I went for a classic (and my personal favourite Guerlain scent) Shalimar. It’s perfect for relaxing and is just this wonderful intense and bold mix of jasmine, rose, iris, incense and vanilla. In short it was everything I love in a perfume and was a perfect backdrop to scent-track (that’s a thing right?) my massage.

From the robes that are essentially glorified duvets to relaxing in the chill out room with champagne and artisan chocolates, there wasn’t a single part of the day that didn’t feel deliciously decadent. I was rubbed down, steamed, fed and watered and was left feeling brand new. It was a wonderful little bubble to escape in to in the heart of the Edinburgh, and definitely one I have pinned down for special occasions. Truly The Guerlain Spa is the perfect way to treat yo’self.


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