Reinvention starts at home

Sometimes all you need is a good hero piece to transform an outfit. One quirky little detail can lift a whole look. The thing is with me is I like to wear all my hero pieces at once. Wardrobe staples that make me feel like I’m dressing up (in the very best way) are my favourite things to wear. While each work well on their own for giving an outfit character and dimension, together thy almost have a larger than life effect. As the boy said “You look like a cartoon character.”
Objective achieved then right?

Shirt – Tatty Bon Vintage
Culottes – Topshop Boutique
Shoes – Topshop 

The patterned shirt, the exaggerated silhouette, the pom pom shoes – every since one of these things sounds like it doesn’t fit together, or hell, work at all, but are some of my most loved clothes. We have this horrible habit of trying to keep the things we love “nice” and for special occasions but instead I love the idea of dressing up everyday. Style allows us to reinvent ourselves every day so I can go from channeling an early 90’s grunge queen to a classic minimalist gal about town.  Our style is as mufti-faceted as we are and sometimes we can get stuck in a style rut. The best way to solve this? Dig through your wardrobe, discover it, and play. You’ve got no idea what you might find.

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