Grey Hair Don’t Care

Granny hair. It’s the tumblr trend that just won’t go away, and quite frankly, I’m ready to jump that bandwagon. I’ve been playing with cooler shades for the last few years and have been itching for some silver locks since before I could remember (home dying had done a number on my hair, but you results may vary) so I tasked BLOW with turning me in to a God.Damn.Moon.Princess.

Bomber – Debenhams
Top & Shorts – Primark
Hair – BLOW 

For whatever reason my blue wasn’t budging so we went in with all guns blazing.  Fal brought out her secret weapon, Olaplex, which isn’t readily available in the U.K. It’s what Kim K used to go blonde and acts as a protective barrier for big dye jobs. It costs a little extra but it’s worth it for the protection it gets you and it created an unbelievable lift. This was shortly follow with a conditioning treatment, a special dye mix and some toner and bobs your uncle. I’ve been coveting frosty white hair, especially in the run up to the wedding so as so chuffed we managed to get it in one! It’s already bringing in a lot of comparisons to Daenery’s who pretty much has some of the best hair in fiction, so I’m totally ready to roll with it. Maintenance is a totally different ball park but you know what guys? I’m ready to commit.


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