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When I first got engaged, and after the blissed out screaming and popping of champagne, I suddenly realised I need to plan a wedding. Well, in truth, I didn’t need to. But I wanted to. As long as it’s Paul at the end of the aisle, all the other details are superfluous. I knew I was building a marriage, but I wanted a wedding. Working in events and PR pretty much made me feel like I was going to have it down. I’m great with budgets, I’m decisive and I can crisis manage like no other. In short, I was in no way prepared for wedding planning.

I’ve been engaged for 6 months, and I get married this November and it still seems like there is 100 different things I need to do.  From centre-pieces to finding the right underwear, to family politics, I’ve been navigating the waters as an aspirational DIY-er, with an army of kick ass women (you can call them my Bees-maids) with the finesse of a one-legged seagull.  In all honesty, I’m generally shooting in the dark and hoping for the best. Luckily, from working in events and fashion I’ve also managed to amass a team of super amazing experts and creatives who have helped me when my brain has wanted to all but fall out my skull and help re-align my focus. So here I am. Building from the ground up and sharing all the bridal knowledge I learn along the way.  I’ll be covering the big, small and the itty bitty bits inbetween on how to have a kick ass wedding on a budget.

At the end of the day though, you’re marrying your best friend, everything else, well that’s just optional.

Images: Braw Brides
Jewellery: Bonnie Bling


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