Betty (and Bee) on the Barge

Last week, my bff was invited by The Leith Agency to talk about Forever Yours Betty and personal branding. It’s one of those companies we’ve both idoloised since before we knew what PR and marketing was (they’re the guys who head all of the Irn Bru campaigns) so obviously she was thrilled to do it, and I was just as much thrilled to attend. It was our blogs that started everything for us. Our friendship, our business, and to hear from someone I admire so much professionally (and personally, duh) about how she’s built he band was invigorating.

Dress -Great Plains
Bomber – Debemhams
Necklace – M&S
Shoes – Zara

Betty spoke about everything including finding your voice, Betty’s journey (remember when she was a Swollock?) and how blogging is changing. There was some great debate after it, including is it harder to brand a person or a company and the ethics in gifting and transparency with readers. And then we got to get drunk on a boat which is also a bonus. I couldn’t be prouder of my main girl and really hope she takes her talk to an open forum soon. She inspires me every day to be a better blogger and think if anyone is to give you a lesson in self-branding its her.  If you haven’t checked out our blog already, get that sorted, stat.


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