Black and Blue No Brainers

We’ve all got our wardrobe no-brainers. The things that we can pull on without much thought or effort and still make a vague imitation of a human being. For me, this means retreating into familiar bruise coloured palettes, boxy shapes and classic staples. 

Top – House of Sunny
Jeans – Topshop
Necklace – Marks & Spencers
Shoes – Topshop

A good pair of strappy sandals? Check. High waisted jeans? Way ahead of you. House of Sunny top, well it’s a crime that I haven’t featured them before now. Every fashion week, without fail I head to Topshop Oxford Circus and fawn over HoS. Everything is simple, elegant and super easy to wear, and bonus points guys – Made in Britain. If you’re into classic minimalism, say hello to your new favourite brand.  I am dying for them to get a concession in Glasgow’s Topshop (do you hear me guys?) because it really is the kind of brand you need to try on. I nearly passed up on this top before trying it on because I thought it would make me look like a huge rectangle. In a bad way. And what a loss that would be for my wardrobe. It’s become my new failsafe “I’m an adult” top that isn’t a button down oxford.

What’s your classics?


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