A Misguided Lesson in Comfort

London is without a doubt my favorite cities in the world.  Sure it’s great for traveling down for work, but it’s definitely been a city that has given me clarity and helped me grow with a few fundamental life lessons. Things like someones elses successes don’t negate you own, never pack more than you can carry and something I apparently I’d not quite had drilled in to me till this week,  never break in new shoe on a day when you’re constantly on your feet. This my friend is the tale of how I destroyed my feet by wearing new shoes to a 16 hour day that had me and my Betty hoofing (and in my case, crawling) around London.

Sophia Bomber – Boden
T-shirt – Cos
Jeans – Bethnal
Lace up pumps – Boden

See that happy, smiling, some may say, serene face? It’s a lie. A horrible horrible lie. This isn’t the first time I’ve made the mistake of new shoes on a big day. No no. My first fashion week saw me in one of my favorite heels (and comfiest pair of shoes) for 12 hours resulting in a rather pitiful slog along Oxford Street to pick up flats. Any flats really. This time I thought I was safe. I’d been coveting lace up pumps forever and the ones from Boden are a dream. For the most part, comfy and going with a good 80% of my wardrobe. The rookie mistake however came in around hour 8 where I became very very aware that I was slicing up my feet. Dress shoes aren’t designed for long wear. Don’t get me wrong, I adore them. They will be a recurring theme in my wardrobe this Summer but more for picnics and dining out with the bae opposed to city hikes. 

The bonus of good shoes and good hair is that you can kind of fluff it up elsewhere in the outfit. As I was getting the sleeper bus I needed a light top that I could change in to, something warm for the evenings and a classic jean. The Sophia bomber is gorgeous, and while I ordinarily would have went for it in navy I LOVE it in white with it’s little bursts of orange and teal. I went a size up as wanted it to be boxy and it already has a really relaxed fit. The quilting makes sure that it’s nice and toasty without being sweltering – an easy wear piece of casual luxury.

The sore feet and long hours of traveling were totally worth it. The Boden, M&S, Joy and Lazy Oaf press days and events were amazing and I can’t wait to share them with you! Prepare to be excited about Winter guys.


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