Current Obsession: SUGARBONES Fight Like a Girl

A feminist girl gang inspired patch collection, come on guys, what’s not to love? Cheyenne Federiconi more commonly known as SUGARBONES is the super cute illustrator and self confessed candy skeleton who creates super kawaii fetish and feminist inspire patches and stickers. After first discovering her instagram my obsession has been slowly growing steadily by the day. Yes I want a Blood of Thy Enemies juice carton, who doesn’t, but try asking me to resist that combines magical girls and girl gangs. I can’t. It’s impossible. You may as well ask me to try giving up eating cheese and cuddling kittens.

It’s super fun, unashamedly girly and has it’s tongue firmly in it’s cheek. This is for girls who take no crap what so ever. Fight Like a Girl may be more commonly used as an insult, implying weakness but here the collection is all about power and respect. “No does not mean convince me”, could there be a better message than that?  Her gorgeous collection of neo-punk illustrations remind me of some of my favourite artists. I can’t help but place her as a younger Junko Mizuno, Tara McPherson or even Miss Van.  From demon dolls in pentagram ropes to pin up ice cream sundaes, her designs are fun, fresh and everything a girl could want for a wee bit of DIY customization.  She’s recently went full time as SUGARBONES and has a few other things in the works. I know I’m holding out for some pretty sweet phone cases to add to my collection.
So are you ready to fight like a girl?


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