Bang Bang my Baby got some Bangs

Not to blow things out of proportion or anything, but there are few more crucial decisions you can make than wether or not to get a fringe. It may not seem important, and sure it’s pretty trivial but let’s take the following in to consideration: you have to live with it. Also growing out a fringe? The worst. 

I mean who hasn’t sat iwth bits of their hair, styling it to mock up some kind of fringe and turned to their friends and be like “Yes? YES.” The thing is though concept and reality are very different beasts. It’s like deciding to get a puppy, or at the very least, a very testy kitten.  You need to look after it, maintain it, and let’s face it, who’s ready for that kind of hair commitment?

As much as I dream of having a dramatic micro v fringe, I am more than aware that it’s a hair game I can’t really play. I am low matienence at the best of  times and commiting to blue was already a big enough step.  That said, for “8 bucks a bang” and the promise of clip in fringes, well, Blow Glasgow has had me rethinking my whole hair philosophy.

Blow’s new bang bar offers a quick service where you can totally revamp your look for under £10 and walk out with change. Not quite sure if you’re ready to take the next big step? How about clip in bangs from £25 colour matched to your hair? It’s the perfect way to dip your toe in the proverbial fringe pool at low risk and without the growing pains and regret of fringes gone wrong. 

I’m still a bit hesitant to dive in, but maybe it’s to time to look for those fringe benifits.


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