LFW Fyodor Golan Rainbow Wheel

Sequinned sportswear and ponies vomiting rainbows might not seem like the most obvious choice for an AW15 show, but Fyodor Golan embraced it in full force with Rainbow Wheel. Showcasing a collaboration with My Little Pony that is about as subtle as a brick to the small of your back makes for a powerful, fun and completely psychedelic collection.

For the most part, we’re talking sports silhouettes adapted and modernised for a modern and girly presentation.  Boxy shapes and wide cut sleeves paired with sky-high neon green platform boots and latex thigh high makes sure Rainbow Wheel hits all those nostalgia keynotes with a grown up twist. Pink and red together are always going to rank highly for me and Rainbow Wheel is pure, unadulterated eye candy.  Sequin pink gowns finished with a jersey detail and baseball jumpers with quilted arms and cartoon faces makes for a collection that plays at either end of the spectrum from tomboy to  super uber femme at the drop of a hat.  The neon rainbow palette was delightfully garish and worked wonderfully, especially with the embroidered and crystal detailing throughout.  It’s a divisive show, but fashion should make you feel something and Rainbow Wheel is high-octane sugar high delight.
And let’s face it, My Little Pony: so hot right now.


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