LFW Day 4 OOTD Varsity Blues

Fashion week runs at 100 miles an hour. The night before I’d been at Pringle before heading back to Browns to drink fancy wine in a bath. Today. Today was for Burberry (which is insane, ask Betty about the time she almost tripped up a certain magazine editor on the way in) and the Mulberry showroom (which was of course all about THAT bag.)

Glasses – Tom Ford
Varsity Jacket – Beyond Retro
Polo – Topshop
Tartan trousers – DCD
Shoes – Faith at Debenhams
Bag – Luna on the Moon

Perhaps our biggest day at LFW this season yet turned out my highlight wasn’t the Burberry buzz or the amazing pink shearling bag at Mulberry but a bit of impromptu thrift shopping.  Diane Von Furstenberg black wrap dress in near mint condition? Get in my shopping bag, we’re going to Glasgow. I may have also haggled in some snuggling ceramic cats for reasons that will become clear over the next few months. I can’t help it, I’m a total bargain hunter and I love picking up treats when I’m down. I’m pretty sure at this point this varsity jacket is never going to be off my back (weedling it down to just the one was the problem.)  Already planning my next trip, and this time not just the shows!


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