LFW Day 3 OOTD Opera Gloves and Body Harnesses

It took me precisely 3 days to adapt and acclimatise to LFW weather. My natural habitat is for the most part either in a bath robe or next to a heater. This doesn’t lend itself to be outside for long periods of time without wearing approximately 6 dozen scarves (is this even possible?)  and made for a tetchy Bee. Considering the long day we had ahead (including the Pringle!!!! exhibition and show) I wanted to armor up, which we should all know by now means lots of layering and leather.  A regular Renaissance woman me.

Long top – Topshop
Short sleeved Polo – ASOS white
Gloves – borrowed from Betty
Waistcoat – Zara
Trousers – Obscure Couture
Harness – Pretty Vexed
Shoes – Topshop
Bag – Radley
Coat – Aquascutum

While wide legged super long trousers may not have been the best choice for the wettest day of LFW in hindsight they a) were warm b) were made of this lovely scuba material that I enjoy so much and c) looked damn good. Also the day I had the most layers happened to be when I decided to go shopping in Beyond Retro. Again….hindsight. It’s a bit of a dick. That said, since then I’ve been wanting to incorporate harnesses and opera gloves in to every god damn look. A night out doesn’t come around often enough, I want to wear them when I go grocery shopping. I got so many compliments on the Pretty Vexed harness – mostly in the vein of where could they get one (another asking if it with Fleet Ilya)  – good thing too because it’s god damn beautiful. An alumni of Dundee’s Vanilla Ink, Pretty Vexed harnesses were a total fave from Betty and I’s looks at LFW (Betty even ended up in the NYTimes! How brilliant is that???)

I had finally mastered the art of LFW dressing without freezing to death, all it took was wearing all my clothes at once. Practical. Efficient. Most of all cosy. Comfort is king at LFW and long may it reign.


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