Squishy Faces and Fat Babies Abandon Ship launches Kewpie Collection

You know when Abandon Ship first dropped their full women’s range last year I didn’t think it could get any better. That said, I didn’t know they had a Limited Kewpie line in the works. Basically it’s a collection dedicated to big beautiful squishy babies with wee fat tums and dimply knees. Created in collaboration with bad ass illustrator Barbie Lowenberg from Longfox, the Kewpie collection is inspired by Rosie O’Neill’s original work and it’s pretty perfect.

Kissing babies, sailors and mermaids to tacos, watermelons and the classic Abandon Ship cross tee, there isn’t a single piece from the collection I don’t want/need. From £3 – £28 the collection has everything from patches to high waisted panties and wooden phone cases.  The cropped tees and vests are already on my wishlist (right at the top) and I know more than a few people who would love to get in about the skater and pencil skirts.  It’s limited so make sure you pick yours up quick.


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