Sometimes you just need a beauty haul

Okay guys so remember a while back I won that Scottish Blogger of The Year thing? Good times for all involved. Better times for me as I may or may not have (I totally did) get £300 worth of vouchers for Debenhams. Not bad right? So of course I spent a fair whack of it on make-up (I’m not even a little bit sorry.)

Urban Decay – All nighter setting spray, Urban Decay glide on pencil in Yeyo, Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Naked,  Urban Decay Subversion and Perversion, Illamasqua – Matte Veil and Tom Ford – Sahara Noir.

Basically it was wonderful excuse to throw my hands up, say FUCK IT and treat ma self to products that I had wanted to try for ages, wouldn’t normally buy or just needed to have in my life. As luck would have it, it turns out I love them all they’ve all been on near constant rotation in my make-up bag.  I know guys, it does read a bit like a list of hype products. So was it worth it?

Urban Decay – All Nighter Setting Spray: I’m still not entirely sure what this does other than be a solid alternative to not hair spraying my make-up in place. It keeps my make up in place, gives my skin a nice little perky fresher and generally makes me feel all fancy. For those days when primer ust isn’t enough.

Urban Decay – Eyeliner in Yeyo: Confession time. I owned this before and I lost it. White eyeliner is one of my favourite things and in a pinch has become a highlighter to a way to blend that smoked eye up. I use this in the hope of one day having big ass anime eyes. Not going to happen. LET A GIRL DREAM Y’ALL.

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Naked: You’re noticing a theme here. I totally spent a small bomb in Urban Decay. They DID do my make-up for the Herald Awards and a sister likes to pass it forward. As a full-time congregation member of the Church of Red Lipstick, more paired back colours just never seemed my bag. And then I actually realised I liked the pink creamy lips that weren’t a million miles away from my own. Kylie Jenner I am not but the textures gorge and it was super easy to find a good match for my skin.

Urban Decay Perversion and Subversion: I’m reviewing these two together because they SHOULD be sold together. Biggest jip ever Urban Decay. The white Subversion eyelash primer may in fact be my favourite beauty product of 2014. It’s the guy that has people ask me if my lashes are false. I cannot over egg this one guys, it’s pretty god damn fantastic. Perversion’s not bad either. A good solid black that doesn’t clump but really, Subversion is the hero product here. If you can only get one….well, you know what I’m saying.

Illamasqua – Matte Veil: If I want my face to stay on this is one (of my ever expanding primer collection) that I go to. It’s my night out face or when I’m going long haul and can’t have my forehead go all shiney. The texture is incredible and I can feel it smoothe my skin out something awful. Matte Veil is pretty great. The tiny fiddly spoon? Great idea but I’m utterly bollocks at navigating anything that isn’t attached to the end of my arms. A good primer to have in your arsenal.

Tom Ford – Sahara Noir: I’m a slut for scent. I love a good perfume and good old Tom, he’s my favourite. While Tabacco Vanille may be officially my favourite scent ever ever ever, I adore Sahara Noir.  Smokey, spicy – it’s not a perfume for wallflowers. Bitter orange, cinnamon, Moroccan rose, incense and jasmine are the main take aways I get from this. It’s not for everyone but a truly good perfume isn’t. A good perfume is like putting on a slick of lipstick. It’s a finishing touch. A nice bit of battle armor.

OBVOS a good few of these have made it on to my buy forever list (Subversion being the main contender) and Sahara Noir is gorgeous and a nice stopping off gap before I finally invest in a nice private blend.

I’m a lucky wee bear and still crazy grateful to the good folks over at Herald HQ and the amazing panel for picking me from a bloody amazing line-up of talent. And obviously a big old sexy thank you to Debenhams for all those vouchers. Prize money well spent.


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