LFW Day 1 OOTD The Good Ship Navy

The fact Betty and I got to London Fashion Week let alone survived it is a miracle in itself.  We thought this year we had it in the bag. Our gold buses were booked to ensure a luxurious sleep en route down, our hotel booked, bags and outfits packed – we were ready. Till we turned up one day early for our bus. Can you say OOPS? Betty used her womanly whiles, I pouted with the bags and we managed to blag a bus down. Not the sleeper. No no no. A 10 hour Megabus. Below my friends is the culmination of a 10 hour journey and no more than 3 hours sleep. No one can say we’re not dedicated to the cause.

Trench – H&M
Roll neck – Topshop
Cropped Top – ASOS white
Shorts – Topshop Boutique
Socks – Primark
Shoes – River Island
Bag – Rhodesian of Edinburgh in custom colour way

Day 1 felt nothing short of a haze, dashing between Somerset and Freemasons and between it all managing to take street style snaps without looking like we wanted to die entirely. The thing is I didn’t regret it for a second. The Friday was one of our busiest days and I saw some of my favourite collections, both up and coming and well established cult brands. From hyper real presentations to floaty fantastic runways, Day 1 was off to a bang (and a whole host of shows.) Most inspiring time o the year? You bloody bet it is.


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