Be My Bloody Valentine

Screw you guys, I love  any excuse for novelty heart shaped goodies. Hearts, roses, glitter, the lot. I’m mad for it.  I know Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone, hell, it isn’t even really for me but I’m always super excited about all the limited edition love themed goodies that drop around this time of year, so obviously I’ve pulled together my favourite local goodies that I wouldn’t mind giving (or receiving) this very special love day.

My Bloody Valentine’s Flowers from Floral Menagerie
From £15

I’m completly and utterly obsessed with Lisa at Floral Menagerie’s work. If you’ve been a bridal market or two around Glasgow you’ll be familiar with her work. After leaving Little Bottanica to set up on her own last year she’s become THE independent florist to get all your fresh and fancy goods from.  She’s got a special Valentine’s deal on at the moment with bouquets of Spring flowers tied together with your favourite music mags of yore. Clocking in at £15/25 a pop and with free delivery in Glasgow, get your orders in before 6pm tonight (10th) to make sure  to get yours on time. She also takes custom orders if you REALLY want to push the boat out. Ask her about her ice cream poseys.

Leilani Pearl Jumpsuit – Obscure Couture

A bespoke bouquet not your thing?  How about a full floral print jumpsuit landing on your doorstep this Valentine’s day? Wither through an act of self love or from someone you love, you’re guaranteed to turn heads with this number. As part of a limited run of 250 the hardest question you’ll need to ask yourself isn’t if but which colour way (I’m Team Jet all the way.)

Kissing Swans – Bonnie Bling


Last year Bonnie Bling’s Luckenbooth Brooch topped my most wanted, though this season I can’t help but completely swoon over the kissing swans. Swans mate for life so this is my favourite way to let someone know that yeah, you’re pretty grand. A solid 10/10. Your person/lobster/swan (delete as culturally appropriate.) 

Glittery Heart Bag – Luna on the Moon

I’m a firm believer that everything and anything can be improved by added glitter. There isn’t a single bag from Luna on The Moon that I haven’t lusted after at this point but since I’m feeling heavy loved up and a bit cheeky, the Heart Hand Bag has got to be a bit of a no brainer right? Get in my wardrobe now. TA.

Valentine Facsinator – Janine Basil


Remember the thing I said about glitter, literally seconds ago? Well it applies here too.  I have been listing after Janine Basil’s work for ages and the big old glittery hearts with cupids arrow are my bar my favourite…….with brains being a close second.  I love the glittery pink beauty though if more traditional v-day colours are a bit much for you, you can also order them in the colour way of your choice.

OBVIOUSLY you should show those you love that you care about them all year round because you’re not an ass, but seriously, I’m always looking for an excuse to splurge on some sweet little indie treats. Now pucker up and give me some love.


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