Sassy those Locks: Glitter Fades and Hair for Days

There are some beauty looks so simple in their execution that even I can’t fuck it up. I may not be able to re:create any of the new XXXpress Blow’s from Blow but I can recreate a glitter fade at home. I’m a super low maintenance kind of gal, which doesn’t really go hand and hand with coloured hair which leads to me sporting an oft unintentional “grunge” look.  However bed head waves and pot luck dye jobs can get a bit dreary, so what does the girl who doesn’t “do” hair do?

 I love glittery roots which is super easy to recreate at home with a glitter pot, some gel and a chunky paint brush. I’d love to try it all over in a slightly more textured look, but this is a nice quick fix for a night out or just wanting to brighten up a dull day with something a bit more fun.  The XXXpress Blow’s have been going down a storm, with their 20 minute blo looks for £20. Inspired by Finnieston and taking their names from drag vocab they are super fun, big quirky looks that you can customise with finishing touches like chains, stencils and glitter fades.
It’s maybe not the easiest look to pull off  but it certainly makes an impact! Do you dare to Blow?

Photos c/o Christina Marie Riley


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