Cats and Pearls and Promises

It’s that time of year where my feeds fill up with “New Year, New Me” resolutioners. Which would be totally fine if in approximately 43 days (call it a rough guestimate) it wouldn’t be filled with “ditched the diet, LOL” or “massive shopping binge, sorry bank card.”  It can be tricky trying to find out exactly how to make positive changes in your life, but I’ve found goal setting to work a treat. 

Top, Necklace and Shoes – Primark
Dress (which I’m not entirely sure ISN’T a nightgown) – Vintage
Tights – Bebaroque
Bag – New Look

In the past 2 years I ran a half marathon, set up a business with my BFF, got to travel some amazing places, went permanently blue and gave up smoking. They didn’t all happen overnight but they were part of wider ambitions to take more risks (giving up my salaried position to go out in to the big bad world) or setting goals (signing up for races so I would force myself to be run ready.)

I try not to put anything too strict in to effect because I know I’ll only beat myself up when I fall off the wagon. Give up fizzy juice? Not in this life time but I can drink more water and cut back. I’m also trying to be more social (me and my Netflix account got very well acquainted over the holidays. I logged 7 series of Gilmore Girls. Yeah) and say yes to more things. I’ve totally allowed myself to be a recluse and live inside my own head far too much this year, so surrounding myself with the beautiful, positive, talented and supportive mega babes in my life is only going to make things better. I’m wanting to read more (I’ve imposed a book-buying ban till I work through my reading list. I will finish Not That Kind of Girl even if it does make me cringe to the depths of my soul) and of course the bloggery one. No more long hiatuses, more goal setting and continuing to learn how to wear my wardrobe without the need to buy new things all the time. I had a massive clear our over the holidays where if I hadn’t worn something in 6 months, it had to be worn within the next month to be kept. If not? It’s off to my girls, Glad Rags or the sewing pile.

Do you have any goals for the new year?


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