Stocking Fillers They’ll Actually Want

I’ve never made much of a secret about it, but Christmas truly is my favourite time of the year.  It’s not even December and I’ve got festive tunes on in the office and have all but finished my Christmas shopping. It’s taking some titan like restraint not to put the tree up and wrap my presents.

I’m also a firm believer that Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive, and sometimes the cute weirdo gifts that remind you of someone are the best. It’s the ones not on your list, that you wouldn’t buy for yourself that illicit the most delight on Christmas are the fun, the quirky and downright bizarre.

I’ve picked some of my favourite stocking fillers from Flamingo Gifts that will pretty much suit everyone this season and all under £20.

Siamese Salt and Pepper Shakers – Under £10 and for the gourmand come cat lover in your life. Just look at their wee playful faces. 

Marble Skull Candle – Maybe a little bit big for in the stocking but perfect for Secret Santa or under the tree. Everyone loves an executive candle and this life size skull is something pretty much any of my ladies would give their right arm for. 

Inflatable Unicorn Horn –  Why would you not want this? Also available is a matching one for your furry wee cat pal. BE MORE UNICORN. 

Lip Shit – Winter is going to do a number on your lips and this all natural goodness will sort you out a treat.  The balckberry and honey is my favourite but the other flavours each come with their own cute illustrations. If anyone wants to slip the Raspberry Lemongrass red riding hood number in my stocking this year there will be no complaints from me.

Folklore Coffee Pot – One for those night owls, I love anything that you can serve hot beverages from. While it may traditionally be more for coffee I imagine pouring some mulled wine or hot chocolate from this beauty would go down a festive treat.  The foxes though, there tiny wee faces and bushy wee tales is what got me. 

I’m not sure about you but any of these beauties are great if looking for something cheap and cheerful this festive season.  


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