Shameless Style Stealing

Be honest with me now, how many plastic bag do you have under the sink? I’m too embarrassed to count, but truth is, it’s way too many. I’m not sure if my Gran owns a shopping trolley but my great gran certainly did. My fellow Scots will be aware of the new 5p charge on
all carriers (which goes to charity y’all) but even with that in mind,
it’s about time we cut down on the waste.

There is no escaping it. I have more clothes than anyone I know and yet still, more often than naught I find myself pinching bit from my families wardrobes. From my sister it’s usually tight (sorry Loz) and the boy constantly finds himself short on both shirts and jumpers (sorry Paul) but I never quite expected to turn to my great gran for style inspo

Jacket – Debenhams
Jumper – Old Tophop
Shirt -Boyfriends
Jeans and fishnet – Primark
Shoes – Quiz
Bag – yer Granny’s closet

In 2003 Denmark started a tax on plastic carriers to encourage use of reusable bags. They now go through 4 plastic bags per person. Per year. Think about for that for a second. I could manage that in a relatively small grocery shop and frankly there is no need for it. A trolley for me is a bit of a god send because I have a tendency to purchase things that aren’t exactly, well, light. It’s ideal if you lug around a lot of books (I’m looking at you well meaning students) or just need some extra room without going full on camping backpack on us.

And for those who aren’t quite ready to embrace their inner Grandmaw there is the lovable tote bag. I’ve got more than these than I care to imagine and I’m finally putting them to good use. With pretty much endless possibilities,their is absolutely no reason you should be buying plastic bags at the counter. Totes Amazed, Lazy Oaf and La La Land are all great places to start if looking for something a bit unusual. And if all else fails you can always try a bit of DIY at home.

To trolley or not? What’s your vote?


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