Santa Baby Slip some Karen Mabon Under The Tree For Me

Santa baby, slip some Karen Mabon under the tree for me. I’ve been a very good girl Santa baby, and her seasonal treats are just a delight.  They’ve made the very top of my wishlist (and a fair few of my friends) as does anything with the old KM stamp on it. We’re a little bit fanatic when it comes to her silk scarves and jewellery and between myself, Betty and Pops, we more than likely have at the very least, one of everything.

Which is probably in no small way while I’m practically foaming at the mouth for her limited edition seasonal goods. A new drop from Karen is always a delight, but just in time for Christmas, she’s only went and released 2 new scarves and a necklace. The jammy sod.

Her limited edition 100% silk scarves clock in at £35 a pop (I know guys, I KNOW) with a pink marionette clown scarf in a bubblegum pink box and a penguin parade (Monty who?) in a snow white matte box. There’s a super limited run of these and they are both super gorgeous and versatile and without completely breaking the bank either. The Dalmatian necklace is limited to 50 (count them, 50) at £28 a pop so don’t expect these guys to last long.  At these prices if you’re buying for anyone particularly special (eckHEM) then you can suprise them with the full collection.  I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t be delighted to receive one of these on Christmas morning.


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