Current Obsession: Looney Lolita

Apart from rent, it’s probably the one thing I spend the most money on. It doesn’t always have to take the same form either. Sometimes it’s a beautifully printed scarf, occasionally it’s a series of graphic novels but more often than naught it’s a print. Illustration and animation are always going to be a soft spot for me. On a recent trip to Manchester I spent ages in this super cute art gallery flicking through Tara Mcpherson, and considered very briefly paying the $42 shipping fee to have some Junko Mizuno on my walls.

And while these ladies are some of my absolute faves (along with James Jean), the internet has been  the main driving force in me getting my fix. Society 6, etsy tumblr and instagram have all been helping me scratch that particular itch – especially my particular fondness for cute, uber feminine illustrations that have just the hint of magical girl about them (my love of Madoka and the release of Sailor Moon Crystal have played no small part in this.) In fact I’m pretty sure that’s how I found Looney Lolita, just casual as you like scrolling through the Sailor Moon tag on instagram.

Let’s say it ticks a lot of boxes for me.  Bows, roses with eyeballs, milkshakes, crystals and glitter – it’s unashamedly girly and fun and I pretty much want every single one of their outfits (come to think of it, I’m pretty sure I already have that exact same bra.)  It’s not a huge stretch of my love of magical girls and Mizuno to this. Looney Lolita’s work is super sweet and I’ve become utterly obsessed with her. It’s no surprise that a few of her prints have made their way on to my Christmas wish list.


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