Because nice is over-rated

It’s a tricky one to get around. Winter is well and truly here and when I get up in the morning, pulling together something that looks good while keeping me warm and toasty is proving to be a bit more challenging than I’d like to admit.  Main priority? Getting on all the clothes so I don’t freeze to death. While I’m not quite wearing thermals under my jeans just yet (oh but it’s on it’s way) I’m finding that getting ready is taking far more forward planning than usual.

It can’t only be me who retreats in to comfort clothes when they’re cold right? Which is utter nonsense because it means some of my favourite things only get an airing a couple of times a year which makes absolutely no sense. I’m not talking about black tie pieces either, just the things you want to “keep nice.” Which is nonsense. Clothes are for wearing damnit.

Jumper – H! By Henry Holland
Dress – Warehouse
Tights – Bebaroque
Shoes – Schuh
Bag – Zara
Nails – Swoon

I picked up these Bebaroque beauties at a sample sale and because they are one offs and all kinds of beautiful I wanted to keep them for something special. I wanted to keep them “nice.” I didn’t even take in to account that they were super thick and warm or that wearing them made me ridiculously happy.  When it comes down to it, I have an ever expanding wardrobe, and while I have cut down on how much I do buy, I still fall victim of not wearing things in my wardrobe that I love. To keep them “nice.”

I want to be excited about clothes again and I can’t think of anything more wasteful than having a wardrobe filled with things you don’t love and don’t want to wear. Sure I’ve got a few key pieces I’ll always turn to but I’m enjoying playing dress up again and adding a bit more colour and embellishment and layering, layering, layering. I’m done with nice, I want to feel LOVE.


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