Tutus and Tartan

It’s officially sale season which is the worst possible news for my bank account.  While I’ve been on a massive wardrobe purge recently and trying to do this whole buying better thing, it can sometimes tricky to get over that wardrobe fatigue. It gets to the point where you feel you’ve worn everything you love to death (not untrue, everything here has made an appearance on here at least once) and sometimes a wee timed purchase can revitalise your wardrobe and make you love everything again. Remember my 3 ways to wear rule?

Top – River Island
Necklace – Next
Skirt – eBay
Bag – Charity Shop
Shoes – Doc Martens

If I can’t imagine it with 3 different looks in my wardrobe, it doesn’t get bought. It’s a pretty good rule of thumb when you’re trying to be thrifty. The River Island sale is always one of my first port of calls when the red signs go up in windows (and online.) I completely fell in love with this print and treated myself to a little co-ord set for under £30. And I haven’t worn them together yet. Both pieces blend seamlessly in to my wardrobe already. Long shorts and a crop? Dream team!

So yeah, a few squid dropped has been giving me a totally fresh perspective on my wardrobe. I’m looking out old favorites that I forgot I had and mixing them with some staples. Peachy keen. When was the last time you bought something that gave your wardrobe a new lease of life?


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