Scot Street Style kicks off Crowdfunding campaign for crowdsourced annual #Onward

If you spend any time on the internet, you’ve more than likely come across Scott Street Style. And if you haven’t?  What rock have you been hiding under?

Scot Street Style is a creative community started by Gordon Millar centred around promoting creativity, style and innovation in Scotland. Through instagram.  While the idea of street style is hardly reinventing the wheel, what made Scot Street Style different was it’s openness to share everyone’s story and to promote outwith and within Scotland. With 5 Gatherings (social networking events bringing people off the screen and together in real life) Millar is hoping to ignite the community in his most ambitious project to date.

The Scot Street Annual #Onward is a book featuring crowdsourced stories of the people of Scot Street Style. Designers, photographers, musicians et al are all contributing their stories and images to be part of the project which will see the book hit shelves before Christmas. How about that?

However to make it happen, keep costs low and pretty much take over the world (the next Gathering is already pinned for NYC!) they need your help. Scot Street Style is crowdfunding to raise £7000 via kickstarter to make the project happen with 9 days to go. Those of you not familiar with Kickstater, (under the same rock as the non-scot street style lot I imagine) – it’s easily the biggest crowdfunding platform out there. One small snag though. If they don’t reach their target they get none of the money. ZILCH. O course this means if you pledge and the project isn’t funded you don’t get your reward (but you do get your cash money back) which would be a damn shame as the rewards are amazing.  Other than copies of the book they’ve got some rare treats up or grabs to be added this week including photo shoots with renowned photographers, grooming hampers and custom jewellery. 

It’s time to give back guys and when you pledge you are helping grow and develop the Scot Street Style community.  Also, no matter what you pledge, be it £1 to £100 (yes please) you’ll guarantee yourself an invite to the book launch.

I thin it’s an amazing project and would love to see this one go through. Make sure to make your pledge here, and you, I’ll see you at the launch party.


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