Permanant Bargain Hunting

There’s a real cult of bargain hunting among me and my friends. A constant game of one upmanship if you will. It’s never been about who has the latest designer bag or the it shoe of the season. Instead it’s that need to get the best deal. Get your coat half price? Well I got mine for £3 at a car boot after bartering down from £10, and so on and so forth. It’s the kind of shopping that would make my Granny proud.

So this is where I tell you how much my jumpsuit cost. Go on, chance a guess. I’ll wait.

Shirt – Vintage
Jumpsuit – Primark
Bag – New Look
Shoes – Converse (duh)

So what were you thinking? £20? £15? Try £3. And I wear it CONSTANTLY. The price per wear on this beauty is down to near zero. Yeah, there is the threat of looking like a giant baby as there always is with a jumpsuit, but I can’t find it in myself to care. It’s crazy comfortable and constantly finding new things in my wardrobe to pair it with. Turns out it’s quite the peach for layering too which is a mega help over the next few months.

Sale season seems to be mostly over for now, so other than Christmas shopping (I know..I know, I invoked the C word) I’ll be watching my pennies until the sales or unless I find something so spectacular I must buy. This may in fact call for a bank card freeze right?


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