Bags all the way down

The clocks are officially back now which means only one thing. It’s time to dust out the old Winter wardrobe. The tricky thing is, with well worn favourites, you can run the risk of a feeling of apathy. How can you be excited about things you’ve worn year in,  year out, whenever the thermostat starts to takes a nose dive?

Jacket – Henry Holland for Debenhams
Jumper – Topshop
Fluffy Top – Primar
Necklace -Next
Skirt – Charity Shop
Big Bag – Zara
Clutch – New Look
Boots – Topshop
Glasses – Alain Mikli

I’m a firm believer in style dressing opposed to as buying straight up trends, and for the most part, it means my wardrobe doesn’t date and I can pull different pieces together both old and new to create looks I love. You know, like a normal person. I don’t really know anyone who buys a complete new Winter wardrobe every year (and if they do, it’s mostly Primark) but I see no problem in investing in a couple of key pieces to refresh your wardrobe. My bell sleeved jumper and chunky boots are both old as sin and manage to hold up on the merit of being completely my style, and yes, that’s THAT Zara bucket bag everyone had last year still in rotation. To keep things fresh I tried the whole double bag thing (which turns out, pretty handy if like me you loose everything in the bag abyss) and trying some different layering. The fluffy Primark top has been a bit of a hero product for me and everyone I know, and still finds itself popping up time and time again here, and looks great under a loose knit if I do say so myself.  The parka you’ll notice has become a returning featuring here, and for good reason. I’ve been looking for the perfect one for years and  you know what guys? This might just be it. The pink detachable faux fur (I’ll say that again for those in the cheap seats) PINK DETACHABLE FAUX FUR, is what makes it. No wonder it keeps selling out right?

Now the leaves are falling and it’s getting a bit chillier I’m finding myself super excited about dressing up again and digging out goodies, including some old vintage treats that have been desperately in need of some love.  How do you freshen up your look for Winter?


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