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I’ve never been a wedding person. Okay, that’s a lie. I love
weddings, or more speciically my friends weddings. I genuinely think
there is something really beautiful about coming together with the
people you love the most and celebrating something just so brilliant and
positive and lovely. Weddings (and funerals) are the two great social
unifiers and I know for sure what I’d rather attend.

it comes down to it though, I’ve never really liked the idea of a
“wedding.” You know the ones. A checking of boxes that is served with a
side of chicken balmoral and a slightly dry over iced cake. The ones
that say absolutely nothing about the couple getting married.  I’m super
lucky with my friends going or weddings by the seaside and with pet
cemetaries. They’ve never really done anything by the book and their
days were as special as the couples themselves.

Thankfully we’re moving away from the trend of the by the book wedding and in to a whole new era entirely. While I may gauge my eyes out if I see another barn wedding or mason jar (sorry guys) I love that couples are adding more of their own flair to their day. It doesn’t need to be timeless, but more of a capturing of a moment. Who you and your partner are.  For some that means unicorn pinatas, others an old cabaret hall.  For the Glasgow Wedding Collective, this celebration of individuality and tailoring a day that feels like its yours.

GWC bring together the best wedding suppliers going – from vintage wedding dresses, bespoke jewelers and offbeat bakeries.  Now while I can easily get in to the nitty gritties of food and music (Three Sisters Bake and their coriander coleslaw is reason enough to get married) but the actual styling?  That seems like a nightmare waiting to happen. So naturally I (and some of my fellow blogging babes) were given a short window to pick our wedding look, hair, beauty, shoes – the whole shabam and present out wedding looks in front of everyone. High school presentations all over again. The pressure was pretty intense.

Can we remember I’m not bridey bridey?  With the exception of one dress, I was presented with rails and rails of ivory, creams and whites. I had no idea what to do. So I picked the shoes and decided on my make up and worked the rest from their. Maybe not the most conventional bridal dressing right?

I was dressing the gorgeous Evelyn who other than being the biggest babe ever, was a super good sport as I squeezed her in to size 5 white booties that reminded me of Sophia Webster. If I couldn’t do colour or a two piece I was 100% not going for a peep toe. Her hair was already set for vintage curls which I protested (slightly) against, and the amazing hair and make up team softened it right down or me to make sure she looked less done. Considering I was wanting to give my girl a yellow eyeliner with red and orange lip, well, it’s safe to say I wasn’t going for classically polished.

Everyone really does make a big focus on the dress, but really or me it was just the piece of a larger puzzle. I loved the textured vintage number, and with a big old flash of colour to go with the eyeliner in the underskirt? I was golden. The whole thing was tied together with a 20’s style headpiece (you can tell I’m not precious about mixing decades) a big ole bunch of wild flowers and a smile.

While it may not exactly but what I’d pick (part of me still thinks if I ever do get married I’ll pull a Detrich and show up in tops and tails) but it still felt fresh and fun and yeah, I think I pretty much created a bride I’d want to hang out with.

Naturally the fine folk at CineMate were there to capture the whole thing on film and yeah, pretty sure they have me fantasising about a wedding videographer. Sorry P. 

Glasgow Wedding Collective Style A/W 2014 from CineMate Films on Vimeo


The Glasgow Wedding Collective host a range of fairs filled with the best in handpicked wedding suppliers at the Lighthouse with their next event slotted in for the 29th of September. A must visit for brides to be, or anyone with an interest in party planning. For now though? I’m still trying to figure out how I can get that Scissor Kick Design backdrop back tae mine.


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