Bee does LFW Day 1- Blogging babes, blue hair and Meghan Trainor

Leaving London is always the worst.  There is nothing quite on Earth like LFW and in between shows, press appointments and parties (yawn I know, hard life) is this real electric buzz. Truth be told, I’m never going to be a S/S girl, with a good few of the shows leaving me with a feeling of…meh. What never lets me down however is the people.

mermaid hair

blue hair

blue hair

blogger street style

Jumpsuits – Obscure Couture
Bag – Baia
Necklace – Primark
Shoes – Converse…obviously
Also featuring That’s So Yesterday who other than having the best hair, loves a titty shot.

Obviously I love creeping other peoples style (as a result leather opera gloves have made it on to my wish list) but it’s fab to meet up with my Southern blogging sisters (HI GIRLS) and have a good catch up (read: eat all the things.)  It was an early rise for the Company Blogger Breakfast at ME, which has to go down in history as the best smelling hotel in the history of everything. We talked A/W shoe trends and eat all the parties and because it’s fashion week I got the fine folk at Toni & uy to give my hair a wee boost (spoiler: I kept my hair this way the entire weekend – sorrynotsorry) while reading through the new Office magazine. My one question though girls. Where’s my perfect thigh high boots at?

From then it was the Oasis and Snap Fashion Event which sees the launch of a new app that helps you find items like the ones you love (like a-line skirts, this guys going to find all the a-lines for you. Consider your sale shopping made easier babes) which seems pretty useful and I can’t to give it a whirl. As far as I’m concerned, anything that makes shopping easier for me is a must.

As per I spent most of the day with my beloved Betty over at Fashion Scout before setting up camp in the UGG lounge which I don’t think I could quite live without. I packed away a considerable amount of diet coke and even in flats, it was nice to have a sit down away from the mania of Somerset House.

Everyone was buzzing about: UBER – the new cheap taxi app that’s just hit London. Get yourself a cab in 15 minutes or less (or something fancier if you prefer.) Already going down a storm.

My highlight: Seeing my best blogging birds. Has it really been 6 months already?

My LFW Day 1 Jam: Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass (don’t think this is ever going to leave my brain.)


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