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I don’t think you’ve truly lived till you find your vintage true love. Mine? It was a charity shop find in Elgin and quite frankly a bit of a wild card. It sparkled. The belt was awful. It was also £4. Little did I know that years later it would become my default dress for when I had no idea what I wanted to wear, I just needed to feel fancy. With a bit of jiggery pokery I would play about with length, draping and hide extra fabric/retro detailing with a chunky belt. It was the beginning of a long enduring love affair and one of my wardrobe staples.

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Dress – Vintage
Belt – Primark
Tights – Primark
Shoes – Topshop

I found myself needing to crack out this baby for a posh-do in Jenners thanks to the team at House of Fraser. It was all set to be champagne and canapes and quite frankly I wanted to dress up for the occasion.  After constructing countless outfits in my mind/on my bed and generally breaking down no less than 12 times I knew this guy has to be the one/ And I was glad I did/ It still is the easiest thing to wear and still managed to look good when I transferred in to boots before the end of the night.  It was perfect and for something that I was so uncertain about for so long, it’s become a firm favourite. I never quite feel like it’s a “this old thing” moment with this (though I definitely trot out that line when anyone asks.)  We’re all got our oldies and goldies that we keep forever, and I know this one always deserves a little more love.

Do you have any fave charity shop scores?


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